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Color : What are case color and port color?

The case color is the color of FRONTX Casing, which includes the main housing, blank slotting plates and the flip door.

The port color is the color of port holder, i.e. the slotting plastic plate used to hold the connector.

Color : Can you describe the color options in more details?

"Ivory" is similar to beige color. It's the color you see on most CD-rom drives. "Gray" is close to the aluminium color (but slightly lighter), and "Black" is close to the black color you see on PC connectors.

You can view the product colors by clicking on the color buttons located on the top of our index and order pages.

Why are PC ports located at the back of the casing?

We need to make further research and seek more thorough informations from major PC manufacturers to find an accurate conclusion.

In our opinion, a simple answer to that is; computer case was designed this way and this platform has been like this for the past 10 to 20 years without much change. The early PC was designed with only limited peripherals attached, and logically all the ports should be located at the back of the case.

Why and how was FRONTX invented?

FRONTX was invented by Matthew K S Goh (our company's MD), an architect with 10-15 years architectural working experience. Being an architect, he likes to see things practical, user friendly, and most importantly, things must be pleasant to the eyes.

Looking around his workstation at home, he was annoyed by the mess of cables hanging around. So, he decided to design something to solve this problem.

After some studies and analysis, he realized that the cable mess was partly caused by the many peripherals hanging around the workstation. He also felt that if he could keep away the occasionally used peripherals, it would significantly reduce the cable mess, and they can be plugged only when needed. So, the only way to do that was to relocate the ports to the PC front so that these ports are more easily accessible.

As a result, FRONTX was invented to transfer the computer ports to the front of the PC system.

Will the user accept FRONTX?

Home PC is a real mess. And most home PC users experience the difficulty of reaching the ports located at the back the PC tower. E.g., if you want to swap your game control devices, or simply to replace your speaker jack with a headphone jack, it is a "nightmare", as most home PC users place the PC tower against the wall, or under the table. Hence, the back of the tower is 'unreachable'. FRONTX comes in to solve these problems.

What is the key success of FRONTX?

Product's values, versatility and economical pricing.

The product is released at the right time when soundcard has become a common hardware installed in home PCs. In recent years, we also see the increasing number of home users worldwide, due to the emerging of the internet.

The popularity of CD-drive and MP3 makes PC the favorite media for playing music. We also see PC being increasingly used for gaming purpose as its technology improves.

So, FRONTX is a perfect companion for home computing and a must for music lovers and gamers.

The emerging of USB port has "generated" more computer peripherals. Uncountable number of devices can be plugged onto the PC. So, it is totally not logical to have the ports fixed at the back.

FRONTX helps to save on maintenance cost as well, as worn-out ports can be replaced easily. You can imagine the trouble and cost of replacing worn-out ports on your motherboard or hardware card.

In school, we often experience the "careless" student just walk away from the PC with the headset on, and without unplugging it from the PC. The damage is unimaginable.

Recently, the PC makers try to "solve" these problems by fixing a few ports on the PC front. Will this meet the requirements of users which are so sophisticated? Have they planned for the future and upcoming ports, like USB 2.0? or may be they want you to buy a new PC when new ports are introduced. OK, just our opinion.

We have more to add on this issue, but we rather end it here, so that you can go on with other questions.

What are FRONTX's target markets?

Presently, FRONTX's target markets are; home users, educational, and pc makers (OEM). There is a good possibility that FRONTX will be widely used in office desktops, depending on how the PC technology advances.

USB versus FRONTX?

USB and FireWire technologies help to create so many useful peripherals. The PC peripherals are getting smaller, cables are so thin and light, hence swapping of these gadgets is an easy task.

Common sense tells us that some of these communication ports need to be placed on the PC front. The technology has changed, and so does the PC platform, need to be changed.

With the emerging of USB and FireWire technologies, more accessories can be created for FRONTX in the future. For example, we can design a product that transfers the USB header on the motherboard to a front panel serial or parallel port.

What are the future FRONTX ports / products?

Some of the future FRONTX ports and products are IrDa, Parallel, temperature reader, media card reader, etc. Unfortunately we cannot comment on their release dates yet. We will keep you updated once they are scheduled for release.

Please send us your feedback and let us know what are the ports or products that you need most, amongst those listed above, or let us know if they are not on the list.

FRONTX is a new idea that promises to generate so many potential products. We will explore all possibilities and continue to develop new products for FRONTX in the near future. If you have any idea, please do not hesitate to send us your suggestion.

Will you release 3.5" version?

As you would probably know that the size of 3.5" version will give rise to other problems like; limited ports, non-versatility in ports selection, etc.

We cannot comment whether we will release the 3.5" version, or its release date. We do hope that you will consider using the current 5.25" version instead, and you will have greater versatility for upgrading in the future.

If you are running out of 5.25" drivebay, you might want to consider installing the front panel ports by do it yourself method. Alternatively, you can change your PC case. Most new PC cases have at least 4 to 5 5.25" drivebays.

Will I be informed when new products are released?

All our online customers and email subscribers will be informed through email, whenever we release new ports or products.

Please subscribe your email address to our database. We do not share or sell our subscribers' email addresses to other company. We do not send advertising or "unnecessary" messages to subscribers.

How to record mp3 from cassette tapes?

Please read our guide.

DFI : Can I buy additional items to add onto my DFI-FRONTX system?

Yes, you can purchase the additional items at our webstore and they will fit into your FRONTX Casing.

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