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With FRONTX installed into your PC system, reaching your Audio-In / Line-In port becomes so convenient. Now you can record your own MP3 files from cassette tapes or external source with ease.

To start, just follow these 6 simple steps :

  1. Plug the output from your tape player into FRONTX Audio-In port... You can use a Sony Walkman as the external audio source, and then all you need is a cable with 1/8" stereo miniplugs on each end - plug one end into the headphone socket of the Walkman, and the other into FRONTX Audio-In port.

  2. Turn the volume on the Walkman all the way down, fire up your system volume control and choose Options > Properties > Recording and select the the "Line" source.

  3. Press play on the Walkman, and gently turn up the volume until you get a level which registers well but doesn't clip (shown by the red "lights" in the volume control level indicator) during the loudest parts.

  4. To record the WAV files you'll need a program capable of recording large files... GoldWave is a good program which will also allow you to edit your WAV files. If you want "CD Quality" be sure to set the controls in your WAV recording program to 44.1 kbs, stereo, 16 bit. Be warned that you'll need about 10Mb of hard-disk space for each minute recorded.

  5. Once you've recorded the file, use the WAV recording/editing program's "cut" function to trim off any extra stuff before the beginning or after the end of the song.

  6. If you just want to put it onto an audio CD, you can do that directly from the WAV file. If you want an MP3 file, you'll have to use an MP3 encoder to process your WAV file. You can download it from CDex - it's free and includes the Blade and LAME encoders.

If you want to record the sound directly into MP3 format without going through WAV file, you may try the free MP3 encorder (limited features) from MusicMatch.

It's that simple. Enjoy the wonders of MP3 and turn your PC into a music jukebox!!

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