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How to order multiple items?

In our webstore, select the first item you wish to purchase by clicking on its "BUY IT" link. You will be directed to the shopping cart page. You will see your selected item listed on this page. Click on the "Continue Shopping" button to return to our webstore. You can continue to browse through the various sections of our webstore.

Select the 2nd item you wish to purchase by clicking on its "BUY IT" link. You will be directed to the shopping cart page again. You will see your 2nd item listed on this page. Repeat the process until you have selected all the items you need.

How to change the order quantities of my selected items?

You can change the quantities at the shopping cart page. Simply change the values in the quantity boxes located next to the selected items.

Once you have made the changes, click on "Save Changes" button to refresh for the final order list and total payable price.

How to specify the color for my selected items?

You can choose the color for each item at the shopping cart page. Please note that the default color is ivory. You can change the color with the pull-down menu located next to the product item.

What are case color and port color?

The case color is the color of FRONTX Casing, which includes the main housing, blank slotting plates and the flip door.

The port color is the color of port holder, i.e. the slotting plastic plate used to hold the connector.

Your shopping cart cannot receive multiple items. What should I do?

These errors are commonly caused by the "security setting" of your browser. Your browser has to accept cookies. Please try to change the security setting to default value, i.e. "medium" or lower. Or, try to make the order with another internet browser.

If you have tried the above suggestions, and the problem persists, please contact us at We will try our best to assist you.

Can I enter different addresses for shipping and billing?

Yes, you can. Just after you have selected the method of payment, you will be requested to enter your shipping address. After that, you will be directed to the next page to enter your billing address and credit card details. By default, your shipping address which you have entered earlier will stay in the billing address boxes. No problem, just clear the contents, and key in your actual billing address.

How to enter my State/Province for non-US shipping address?

On the shipping information page, select "Outside US and Canada" from the State pull down menu. In the City box, you can enter "your city, your state", i.e. enter your city and state in the City box, seperate them with a comma and space.

How to enter additional details in the shipping information page?

In the Name box, you can enter "your name c/o your company name". Similarly, in the Mailing Address box, your can enter "your no. and street, your suburb", e.g. "22, Final Street, Oldtown".

Do you ship to military address?

Yes, we can ship to military address. For order below US$20, as usual, it will be sent by Registered Air Mail. For order above US$20, it will be sent by Fast Post (EMS).

Do you ship to PO Box?

For order below US$20 - yes, it can be sent to PO Box by Registered Air Mail.

For order above US$20 - no, please provide street (physical) address, because FedEx does not deliver to PO Box. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Is your payment system secured?

Our online payment is made through's secured server. The company processes over USD40 millions of sales annually. You can be assured that shopping with us is 100% safe.

We do not have access to your cerdit card informations, and please do not email your credit card details to us.

What is CVV, the 3 or 4 digits code at the back of the card?

Please read CVV explanation.

My credit card was rejected, what should I do?

1. Please try to order through our alternate payment processor.

2. Use another card (if you have a 2nd credit card).

3. Make sure you have entered the card details and CVV correctly.

4. Check with your bank and see if your card can be used for online purchase. Some cards, like Master, cannot be used for internet transaction. If this the case, you need to apply for a virtual card from the bank.

5. Call your bank, they might be able to tell you what the problem is.

6. Try to pay by digital check, if you have a check account.

7. Ask your friend or relative to make the order for you.

8. If you have tried the above suggestions and still having problem, please contact us at

Kindly note that the credit card processing server is out of our control. However, we will try our best to assist you.

During card processing stage, the system was hang. What should I do?

Please contact us at, and we will inform you on the order status. You need to give us the recepient's name which you had entered in the checkout page, to enable us to trace your order.

If your order did not go through successfully, you will need to remake the order.

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