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Please read the following comments made by editors from major computer publications:

"Overall, we give the FRONTX a big 'thumbs up.' It was a very pleasant surprise to finally test and use a product that can be customized and that offers a truly useful design with consumer needs in mind. For front-mounted port solutions, the FRONTX receives a THG Editors' Choice recommendation, and is an exceptional buy for its quality and unique design."

David Stellmack - Tom's Hardware Guide

"I'm still kicking myself because I didn't think of such an ingenious contraption."

Luke Anderson -

"This in my opinion is the greatest invention for the PC since the mouse. I have been searching a long time for something like this, so finding FRONTX is a dream come true. The price is right, the unit is handy, and its so easy a kid could do it. This is a first rate product and therefore gets the 3DGW Editor's Choice Award."

William Gall -

"These are one of those innovative items that should have been created a long time ago. FRONTX is a quality product, and there is no alternative for such an innovative design."

David -

"The FRONTX provides some very respectable practical benefits. I really like it, and I have to applaud FRONTX for its ingenuity, and what will undoubtably be a great success."

Chris Verr -

"FRONTX is one of things that the second you see it you slap your forehead and exclaim, "Why didn't I think of that!" It's a very simple idea but once you use it, it's very hard to do without."

T.J. Lee -

"In the market of gadgets for the PC, few products stand out from the rest. FRONTX is one of those products that stand out."

Steven Tellman -

"FRONTX has produced a useful product which lives up to its specifications. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The price is more than fare for this unit."

Mark Chiocchi -

"At its price point, there is no other product to match FRONTX. With its quality, convenience, universal compatibility and expandability, FRONTX is a sure winner. Congratulations to them for designing a great product."

Jin-Wei Tioh -

"The folks over at FRONTX have managed to produce a simple product with good quality and at a reasonable cost. The annoyance of crawling down to plug cords in with little or no light in tight spaces is a thing of the past, and not missed."

Mike Page -

"I know that many readers will find this kit very useful (just as I did) and would be interested to know about it. FRONTX took the idea that was on the minds of many, and turned it into reality."

Igor Radvan -

"FRONTX provides a lot of convenience for use in day to day operation. Hooking up and removing joysticks and gamepads becomes a painless operation. That can be a real pain if your PC doesn't allow easy access to the back. Same can be said for headphones and microphone. While I have seen this idea by other companies in the PC market, the FrontX implementation is by far the best of the lot."

Jay Carter -

"The add-on is very easy to install and ideal for ease of connection. I'll give this device a 5 Star rating for simplicity."

Steve Pitman -

"Parallel port, serial port, joystick port... All these connectors are placed at the back of the computer's case, making the act of plugging and unplugging them a hard task. If you placed your PC into a cabinet or a special-made furniture, the case is worst. But this problem is becoming a problem of the past with this brand new invention from FRONTX."

Gabriel Torres -

"It's very easy for me to recommend FRONTX to everyone. Everyone who has ever struggled with going behind his or her system to plug in a headset or mic will immediately appreciate how useful this device is. If you have more than one component that plug into the gameport, such as a gamepad and joystick, then you'll see how useful this device can be."

Victor Oshiro -

"Whether you build your own PCs or buy pre-built, you will be intrigued by FRONTX Multimedia Ports. FRONTX will be appreciated by people who build their own machines, system builders wanting to offer customers something special, and people with pre-built PCs that lack front media ports. Because of the low cost and functionality of FRONTX, I give the product a Pick."

Rob Hughes -

"Hate to look like a damn advertisement, but I like these things and now anyone can have them without buying a new case. The front side audio jack kits are nifty."

Kyle -

"Thank goodness a company has come along to produce something the PC has needed for a long time."

Victor Chen -

"This little device is probably one of the most innovative and useful items I have ever seen....Based on my personal experiences, I can honestly say you won't go wrong if you decide to purchase FRONTX."

Trevelyan -

"I like this thing. I can now reach further with my gamepad and I have easy access when using either my headphones or headset with microphone. Overall I would say FRONTX gets a 9/10. It is the first device like it I have seen which will work with any soundcard."

Jack Kolesar -

"This product comes really handy as I no longer need to get behind my case to get my headphone / mic (voice chatting). This is really a must for those who have case under a table or on the floor as you don't need to get down to connect the ports!! Say goodbye to this hassle! I strongly recommend you to get this thing from FRONTX."

Muhammad Hazwan -

"If your looking for a easy and convenient way to plug in your game controller or various other ports, than this is it."

Jodo Kast -

"The FRONTX works. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and in the process, you can become even lazier."

Dan Podhola -

"This is a must to those of you who wanna skip the hassle of reaching back behind your case (especially if it's under a table or far from reach) just to connect your headphone, microphone or gadget of yours. All you have to do is just plug it in from the front bay and you are on your way! Also a great product for people who are lazy."

Jackie Leong - Cool Hardwarez

"This kit was extremely useful. Another boon of this product is that it's cheap, but well made. At a price of only $25, and customizable to fit your needs, the FRONTX is a great boon to both gamers and everyday users everywhere. It's an idea that's not ahead of its time, but one that has been long in coming. FRONTX may be the first company to produce such a creation, but they don't disappoint."

Drew Lanclos - SystemLogic.Net

"The FRONTX Multimedia Ports is worth buying for any user who is constantly plugging and unplugging various peripherals - especially if the back of one's computer is a mess of wires like mine. It promises a great deal of upgradeability as well."

Ryan Morrissey -

"Well, if you're lazy, your computer is needlessly cluttered in the back or you just want a cool looking addition to your computer, this is definitely a product to check out. And it's unique; I haven't seen anything like this yet. FRONTX did a nice job with this Extension system."

Aaron Davidson -

"As for the reaching-towards-the-back problem (to connect those pesky devices), it's now been resolved, making the task of connecting some of the devices easier. This was thanks to the port relocater FRONTX."

Zam Karim - In.Tech

"Makes life easier, effective, added cable distance for game pads etc, saves you from messing around with ports and cables at the back of your case."

Cameron -

"FRONTX is great if you need to swap devices without crawling around behind your computer. The possibility to customize it to your own needs is great."

Micael Ehn -

"FRONTX is definitely a unique product which proves to be a winner when it comes to functionality. This ability to both upgrade and mix and match what ports you utilize gives you unprecedented freedom. For anyone who's ever wanted easy access to ports at the front of their computer, I strongly recommend you take a good look at FRONTX, as it really is a unique product."

Andrew Connolly -

"If you've already got a different sound card you don't want to abandon -- then this FRONTX kit appears to come under the makes life easier category."

Toaster Electric -

"The reason FRONTX have succeed where others have failed is that rather than "guess" which ports the user is likely to need, they have built a modular system that allows ports to be added or removed in the simplest of ways possible. Other key benefits include being able to add new port modules as they appear and, unlike with your sound card, if the constant switching of jacks causes a socket to fail, you can just slot in a new one."

Wayne Brooker -

"Overall, a fantastic kit! The kit is easy to install, easy to use, and the build quality is excellent. It's usefulness rating is off the scale. The kit is extremely cheap - after conversion, the basic kit is around £18, with additional ports, like the USB port, at around 6 quid each - a bargain priced, extremely useful, overall damn good case mod."

Wil Harris - Bit-Tech.Net

"FRONTX is one pretty cool product and in my view, worth the price of admission. For those who want easy accessibility on the front of their case for their sound and gaming accessories, it provides an easy, low cost means."

OCmadeEZ -

"Apart from the tacky plastic construction the device is difficult to fault, as it provides 100% functionality."

Anthony Main - Moddin.Net

"Overall FRONTX is a great product. It fills a void in the market, and both novices and experts can install and use it."

Graham Wing - PCIN.Net

"I cannot stress just how much I love this product. If you have multiple peripherals that attach to your sound card or USB ports, you're doing yourself a disservice by not having one in your system."

Cmere Nope -

"This product is already saving me a lot of trouble and I am sure it will help ALL computer users. For that reason I will award FRONTX 4 stars. This product performs like it is supposed to and is easy to use, install, and works great. It is almost perfect."

Melvin Tong - Hardware Extreme

"We couldn't find anything wrong with this unit, its built well, the use is fantastic, and although we originally thought we would never use it, it's now a daily use product that we now will use on all of our systems."

Jarred Land -

"FRONTX works great, not one complaint about that. The installation is really a piece of cake. Iím not what you would call the handy man around the house and I finished the installation in less than half an hour. I can recommend this product to everyone, from a standard user to the hard and heavy overclocker."

Kristof De Meyer -

"FRONTX did a great job overall with their product. Anyone can install it with the easy to follow instructions. I would recommend this product to whoever thinks getting up to switch a cable is annoying."

Justin Smestad -

"At first I didnít think I would get much use out of this product. Once I had it all hooked up, I donít think I could live without it. The last bonus that this unit offers us is simply one more possible way to eliminate the mess behind all of our desks, that alone in our opinion was worth the $28US. From beginning to end, I could find nothing but praise for this product. Great Job, FRONTX."

Chris Allen -

"From what I found the FRONTX system to be very useful, it gets rid of the cable clutter most of us have with everything plugged into the back of your PC, tangling up with your keyboard, video and mouse connections. This adds a neat concept in the fact that you dont need to have everything connected at the back of your PC."

Chris Freeman -

"FRONTX worked exactly as advertised. No problems! The convenience this product provides cannot be overstated."

Vince Putze -

"I don't have any complaints about the FrontX. The fact that the FRONTX is upgradeable with many other ports according to your needs, makes it a worth buy."

Johnny Delahousse - Chipher.Be

"Everything worked as promised. Overall, we were very impressed by the FRONTX."

Gerald Bortis -

"FRONTX certainly works well in functionality. If would like to have some ports at the front of your computer system, this product is definitely recommended."

Ronald Ko -

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