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do-it-yourself front panel computer ports

FRONTX cable has a bulkhead connector fixed to a faceplate which can be slotted into a custom designed 5.25" housing. Once the face-plate is detached, the connector can be mounted on a custom wall plate or a bulkhead surface.

drill hole

Refer to diagrams a to c above, the face-plate provided can be used to mark the outlines of cutout for mounting the connector/port.

Cables can be used to transfer the rear PC ports to the computer front panel. The internal cables are ended with header connectors which can be plugged onto motherboard headers (0.1" or 2.54 mm pitch).

The plastic faceplate shown in the picture above is bundled/attached to FRONTX cable. If you only need panel mount cable, i.e. without the faceplate - it's available at PANEL MOUNT CABLES section.


P115 Ethernet RJ45 receptacle - panel mount RJ45 with cat 5e cable - network female port fixed to wall

P105 Fire Wire (IEEE 1394a) - 6 pin female to 6 pin male extension

P1052 Fire Wire (IEEE 1394) - panel mount firewire - 6 pin female to female header / pin-out

P1011 USB type a female to type a male

P1012 USB 1.1 / 2.0 - bulkhead extension cable internal - type a female to female header / pinout

P108 Dual ports bulkhead USB - type a female to type a male

P1082 Dual ports panel mount USB connects to motherboard pin-outs - type a female to female header

P112 USB receptacle - type B female to male

P1122 USB isolator - type B female to 1x5 header internal cable

P117 VGA Monitor - surface mount VGA monitor d-sub 15 pin extension cable

P090-036 Line-Out (Headphone) - fix to wall - 1/8" female headphone socket (switch) to 1/8" male headphone jack and female speaker port

P090B2-030 Audio-Out (Headphone) - wall mountable internal cable - 0.125 female headphone socket (switch) to female header

P092-036 Line-In (Audio-In) - surface mount connector - 1/8" female line-in port to 1/8" male line-in jack

P092V1-030 Line-In (Audio-In) - bulkhead internal cable fix to custom face-plate - 0.125 female line-in socket to female header

P093-036 Microphone - wall mountable connector - 1/8" female mic socket to 1/8" male mic jack

P111-036 RCA Audio - bulk head connector - rca audio female to 0.125" male audio jack

P1112-030 RCA Audio - panel mount RCA connects to mother-board header - rca audio female to female header

P106-036 RCA Video / SPDIF digital coaxial - plate mount PC connector and extension cable - rca video female to rca video male

P1062-030 RCA Video / SPDIF digital coaxial - bulk-head connector and cable - rca video female to female header

P107-036 S-Video - computer port or isolater fit to wall - s-video mini-din female to s-video mini-din male

P1072-030 S-Video - receptacle fix to custom cut-out panel - s-video mini-din female to female header

P109-036 PS2 - bulkhead connector (mouse and keyboard) for rear PCI L-bracket or PCI back metal plate - ps2 mini-din female to ps2 mini-din male

P1092-030 PS2 - chassis mount computer port (mouse and keyboard) - ps2 mini-din female to female header

P091-036 Game (Midi) - panel mount computer connector - d-sub game 15 pin female to game 15 pin male

P0912-030 Game (Midi) - receptacle fix to wall-plate - d-sub game 15 pin female to female header connector

P1021-036 Serial 9 Pin - wallplate PC connector receptacle isolator - serial 9 pin female to serial 9 pin male

P1022-030 Serial 9 Pin - bulkhead pc connector secure to rear panel or PCI back bracket - serial 9 pin female to female header connector

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