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Customer located outside the United States may be subject to import duty and tax. However, duty and tax can be avoided by marking your shipment as "product sample", i.e. the attached invoice will indicate that the shipment is for sample purpose, and will be valued at approximately USD3-6.

If you want us to mark your shipment as "product sample", please send us your request at Simply enter "sample: your order number" in the subject line, e.g. "sample: 3174-228888". Please note that you will given an order number at the end of the payment process.

No additional shipping or handling charges will be added for delivery to any address outside the US, i.e. free shipping to international address.

If your total purchase price exceeds US$20, your order will be shipped by FedEx International Priority, otherwise, it will be sent by Registered Air Mail.

Normal delivery time is 3-5 business days by FedEx and 6-10 business days by Registered Air Mail.

Other than the above, the same sales policies apply to both US and international orders.

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