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crimp 1

Diagram 1: Crimping the pinout terminal is quite an easy job. The only tools that you need are a narrow tips plier and a wire stripper.

crimp 2

Diagram 2: Use a wire stripper to strip off the PVC jacket to expose approximately 0.25" (6 mm) of wire conductor.

crimp 3

Diagram 3: Insert the wire into a terminal. The exposed wire conductor should be placed in between the 2 short clips. Use a narrow tips plier to bend the 2 long clips around the PVC jacket to hold the wire in position.

crimp 4

Diagram 4: Use the narrow tips plier to press the 2 short clips to creat contact between the terminal and the exposed wire conductor.

That's it. The crimped terminal is then inserted into the housing of header connector.

This same method can be used to crimp both male and female terminals.

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