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This firewire cable/adapter connects rear firewire female port (6 pin) to the female header of front panel firewire cable.

The cable exits through the PCI opening and plugged into one of the IEEE 1394 ports located at the back of the PC.

You can use our CPX073 Metal Plate to cover the PCI opening.

You can also connect this cable to the internal port (firewire 6 pin female) of PCI firewire card, or USB firewire combo card.

IEEE 1394 CABLE 1' - 6 PIN M TO 2X5 M

ieee 1394 cable


IEEE 1394 Cable 1' - 6 pin M to 2x5 M


IEEE 1394 6 pin male
2x5 header connector male - 0.1" / 2.54 mm pitch

IEEE 1394 cable (UL 20276)
Length - 1 foot (305 mm)


cable color code

Blue: TPA +
Orange: TPA -
Green: TPB +
Red: TPB -
White: VP / Voltage + / VCC
Black: GND / Voltage -
Black: S-GND / Over Current / Shielding

The S-GND wire is fatter and can be easily recognized.

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CPX509: Firewire / IEEE 1394a cable & adapter - male firewire 6 pin connector to 2x5 male header (pin-out) connector. Recommended use for connecting internal port of PCI fire wire card (6 pin female socket) to the female header of front panel fire wire cable.