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These audio cables connect soundcard audio ports (line-out & microphone) to front panel I/O header.

You have to make sure that your PC case's front headphone interface supports speakers cut-off function.

The cables exit through the PCI opening and plugged into the line-out and microphone ports on your soundcard, located at the back of the PC.

You can use our CPX073 Metal Plate to hold the speaker socket. Your speakers are plugged into this socket.

When headphone is plugged on the front panel, your speakers are automatically cut-off.

HEADPHONE & MIC 2.5' - 1/8" TO 2X5 F

audio cable - 1/8 socket to header


Headphone & Mic 2.5' - 1/8" to 2x5 F


1/8" jack / socket
2x5 header connector female

Stereo audio cable (UL 2835)
Length - 2.5 feet (762 mm)


cable color code

Brown: Back Line-Out Left / BL-Out L
Black: Back Line-Out Right / BL-Out R

Red: Front Line-Out Left / L-Out L
Orange: Front Line-Out Right / L-Out R

Black (with tube marking): Microphone / MIC
Red (with tube marking): Microphone Power / MICPWR / MICP / Bias / REF

Black: Ground / AU GND / GND

The ground wire is fatter and can be easily recognized. The microphone wires (black & red) are marked with black shrinking tubes.

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CPX507-V1: Headphone and Microphone audio cable - male jack and female socket to female header connector. Recommended use for connecting the audio ports on soundcard to the male header (pin-out) of computer front panel ports.